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It’s gonna be a Jepic week! ❤️

3:03pm Sep 26 2022 —

An extra bag of crisps fell out in the vending machine! feels like winning the lottery

10:31pm Sep 22 2022 —

Pumpkin spice latte overdose season 🎃 yummy

10:26pm Sep 22 2022 —

Sometimes there are just no words.

10:16pm Sep 22 2022 —

Sweet dreams everyone ❤️

9:28pm Sep 22 2022 —

Never in fashion here! Can’t keep up with what’s in fashion

3:07pm Sep 22 2022 —

So like are skinny jeans in fashion cuz some jeans don’t fit the way u want them to! Like too many styles

3:02pm Sep 22 2022 —

The worst day is hot cold hot cold hot cold it’s like make up your mind weather

2:58pm Sep 22 2022 —

The weather is so depressing ☔️

2:52pm Sep 22 2022 —

10:09pm Sep 21 2022 —

That feeling…

9:59pm Sep 21 2022 —

Happy to hear from you all x

9:42pm Sep 21 2022 —

Think we need to wear more eyeliner

9:33pm Sep 21 2022 —

RT @planetjedward: Power to all the Women in Iran! They should be able to wear what they want without being killed or arrested!

8:54pm Sep 21 2022 —

Close to the waterline!

8:54pm Sep 21 2022 —

Hope you’re all having a peaceful week! ❤️

8:52pm Sep 21 2022 —

Can’t wait to hear Taylor swifts new album Midnights counting down the days the excitement is Jepic

3:26pm Sep 14 2022 —

Honestly can’t believe it’s been two months since tour! Like where does the time go! 🤩

3:22pm Sep 14 2022 —

Can’t believe it’s gonna be halloween soon who’s excited! What should we dress up as? Ghostbusters lol

3:21pm Sep 14 2022 —

Hope your all making cool memories and taking it easy! ❤️

3:20pm Sep 14 2022 —

Surrounding you all with rays of sun and rainbows 🌈 sending u virtual zen energy and a Jepic aura of hugs

3:18pm Sep 14 2022 —

Hope you’re all having a Jepic day! The suns shining can see everything so clear ☀️

3:16pm Sep 14 2022 —

RT @planetjedward: It’s official the Queen has died!

5:35pm Sep 8 2022 —

RT @planetjedward: Stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦

6:03pm Aug 24 2022 —

RT @DublinLive: Krispy Kreme has announced a new store in Dublin city centre and fans will have the chance to get a selfie with Jedward at…

8:10pm Aug 11 2022 —

RT @IrishSunOnline: Irish X Factor stars Jedward offer to host brand new Big Brother…

6:18pm Aug 2 2022 —

RT @MirrorTV: X Factor twins @planetjedward have thrown their hat in the ring to host the ITV reboot of #BigBrother…

3:19pm Aug 2 2022 —

RT @VIPmagaz: Could we see the Irish duo on our screens again?

2:31pm Aug 2 2022 —

RT @sundayworld: Jedward offer to host Big Brother after confirmation reality TV show will return in 2023…

2:30pm Aug 2 2022 —

RT @IndoEnts: Big Brother announces its return – and Jedward offer to host the show

12:36pm Aug 2 2022 —