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Howdy @biz You seem like a cool guy fingers crossed you can help get Our main twitter account @planetjedward back h…

7:52am May 30 2018 —

Hey @jack Our main twitter account @planetjedward has been suspended since October and we are hoping you can help us get it back 🤗

7:44am May 30 2018 —

You are never alone! Together we are all strong! ❤️

7:18pm May 29 2018 —

Jedward Concerts Be Rocking Cause of The Energy You All Bring

7:50pm May 28 2018 —

✌🏻 & ❤️

7:31pm May 28 2018 —

Thanks for always making the time to connect with us X

6:57am May 28 2018 —

10:37pm May 27 2018 —

RT @JepicHQ: Keep On Rocking 🤘🏻My Chemical Romance @gerardway @FrankIero @mikeyway @raytoro @MCRofficial
You can Do it…

10:37pm May 27 2018 —

Just know your worth and value isn’t defined by school tests and college degrees ….everything will be okay as lon…

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9:43pm May 25 2018 —

Keep On Rocking 🤘🏻My Chemical Romance @gerardway @FrankIero @mikeyway @raytoro @MCRofficial
You can Do it

9:23pm May 25 2018 —

When you look me in the eyes…@nickjonas @joejonas @kevinjonas

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6:20pm May 24 2018 —

Had a dream about @KeshaRose and woke up with the biggest…smile on my face 😏

6:17pm May 24 2018 —

Hey @TwitterLA
Our main twitter account @planetjedward has been suspended since October and we are hoping you can…

8:07am May 22 2018 —

Hey @TwitterSupport can someone please help us get @Planetjedward back like an actual person not an automated robot! Thanks 🙏🏼

2:23am May 22 2018 —

6:44pm May 16 2018 —

@demicullenx Demi we know thanks for reminding us! Always happy to see u 🙌🏻 hope u had a blast at the Harry concert…

3:20pm May 16 2018 —

@SherryHK Great story sherry we feel the struggle stay strong girly 😂

in reply to SherryHK — 3:19pm May 16 2018 —

@TweddleBrenda Brenda where are u going with all the hashtags lol! Girl we read our mentions always sending u hugs x

in reply to TweddleBrenda — 3:18pm May 16 2018 —

@Kirluvjed Kirsty u sound like a rapper! 😝 gangster AF! Love it 🙌🏻

in reply to Kirluvjed — 3:17pm May 16 2018 —

@ScarledRed_P Hello u one person!! Sending u some JEPIC dance moves 😉

in reply to ScarledRed_P — 3:16pm May 16 2018 —

@taraaobrienx Your dog is like bitch put me in vogue already haha!! Why u taking so much pics you gonna sell him lol only joking

in reply to taraaobrienx — 3:15pm May 16 2018 —

@belindacostello Omg Belinda I’m getting nativity vibes where is Mary and Jesus

3:13pm May 16 2018 —

@MichelleAnsah Awwwww he has the best owner ever to love and care for him!! Thanks for sharing miss u might bump into you ❤️

in reply to MichelleAnsah — 3:13pm May 16 2018 —

@heyitsMartina_ ❤️ Hey Martina sending you love and thanks for all the love and support! Just been on a hike and ne…

4:01pm May 14 2018 —

@griffin_candy Loving life! Happy happy happy see u soon Emily hope u are looking after yourself

in reply to griffin_candy — 3:55pm May 14 2018 —

@Momo_Jedward Omg yeah that time we all went clubbing such mad things with our legs out xxx thank u miss Mona

3:54pm May 14 2018 —