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#IgTv On JepicPics Instagram is new haha you gotta 1. watch 👀 2. leave a like ❤️ and 3. Always leave a comment and…

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Have a JEPIC day 🙌🏻

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🐍 South Side Serpents 🐍

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RT @JepicHQ: Saved By The Jedward

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We would like to inform team dungarees that there will be JEPIC photos of John and Ed both wearing dungarees

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Saved By The Jedward

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Waiting For That Call From Twitter @Jack @biz to get @planetjedward back

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The legendary @WilliamShatner Captain Kirk to Save @PlanetJedward
Coming soon to a @twitter cinema near you!

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RT @WilliamShatner: They are going to contact you on whatever email address is on the Planet account. And it should be a real person who do…

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RT @JepicHQ: Sending a Big Olaf Hug 🤗To @WilliamShatner for Being The Best Hope we Get Our Twitter Account Back @PlanetJedward…

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@WilliamShatner hopefully @jack and @biz will email us and make some human contact to get @planetjedward back

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Sending a Big Olaf Hug 🤗To @WilliamShatner for Being The Best Hope we Get Our Twitter Account Back @PlanetJedward

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I love Pokémon so much I just got my Pokéballs Done

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RT @WilliamShatner: BTW to the #Jedward fans Twitter is looking into the account. No guarantees but they are giving it a fresh look.

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@Embootsi Wow this is like Oliver Twist Level check you out I hope you got paid in candy and finish chocolate 🍫

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@_CherMcCrave @lisanunnx It’s I’ll be there 🎶..geeez get with the program I thought we were meant to be doing a Jackson 5 tribute act

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@Lumin0us1 “It” …ah 😏 at least give it a name

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@Jemmalouisen Literally they belong in a fairytale book Disney will be calling any day now to clear the rights and design a merchandise deal

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@ViruceR Most definitely you deserve it like Apple would hire you to showcase the new iPhone that’s the level I put you at congrats

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@lara_nesbitt @heyitsorlagh Will be catching up like a frisbee

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@NiamhE_ Talk about slaying the game you gotta clear the memory for taking summertime pictures bring on the future…

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@mikegosullivan The Mary Poppins studio must be paying millions on wind machines it’s definitely subliminal messagi…

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@xKesiax Hoop earrings for the win the question is did you have a hulahoop mind blowing stuff just playing happy for y’all …Shawn Mendes

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@JEDANGEL I think you left out 2 bye bye you gotta NSYNC them or things will never change it’s gonna be all good br…

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@taraaobrienx @lisanunnx @baileyheartsyou Sugar Babes reunion the formation has changed but the good times keep rolling on

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@Shxuna__x Yay check you out trying new things looks great can’t believe it’s permanent you coulda got a clip on aw…

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@charli_xcx Not as big as lipstick 💄 kiss kiss

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