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5:39pm Dec 30 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: This made our day ❤️

7:53pm Dec 25 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: The Jedward Speech! To all the Kings and Queens of PlanetJedward
You are all Jepic Royalty! 👑👑

3:57pm Dec 25 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Happy Jedmas from Jedward

3:05pm Dec 25 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: The Ed Sheeran song Afterglow and The Original Artwork mean everything to us! Thank you for making our Christmas and the…

7:17pm Dec 24 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Best Gift Ever! An Ed Sheeran original AfterGlow painting. The colour and energy it’s going to inspire us everyday, it r…

7:17pm Dec 24 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Don’t feel pressured by workout culture! Gym workouts involve more selfies and filming for insta stories! Like we can’t…

6:34pm Dec 21 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: WTF do guys think they are setting these beauty standards for girls! A tiny waist and big ass!? Most of them have a tiny…

6:34pm Dec 21 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Like some lads are more hairy than King Kong 🦍 but expect Girls to be a plastic hairless Barbie! Here’s a wax strip for…

6:34pm Dec 21 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Fuck New Year diets and dangerous weight loss! Your Happiness and Health is Your 2021 resolution!

This time of year can…

5:18pm Dec 21 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: It is now illegal to take, collect, distribute or threaten to distribute, intimate images of someone without their conse…

3:37pm Dec 20 2020 —

RT @JRossShow: Anyone else ever had a ‘Jedward era’?! @RussellKane @MayaJama  #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

10:21pm Dec 19 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Influencer photo shoots be like..

10:56pm Dec 17 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: What’s the biggest WTF moments of 2020?

9:49pm Dec 17 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: When your family asks if you bought their Christmas gifts yet…but YOU are the gift 🎁

6:54pm Dec 17 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Jesy you have always been the member in little mix we have connected with for everything you stand for and the presence…

10:21pm Dec 15 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Guess who had the most number one hits and radio airplay in Ireland this year?!…Not us 😭

Hopefully in the New Year o…

10:21pm Dec 15 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: This is Megan fox’s boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly! We definitely still have a chance 😏

10:21pm Dec 15 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Manifesting The Irish Love Island 2021 presented by Jedward 🙌🏼 on the Aran Islands! feel the Wild Atlantic flutters! 🌊

10:20pm Dec 15 2020 —

Christmas Cozy Jedward Vibes

11:00pm Dec 14 2020 —

Lots of Love ❤️ excited about doing the Christmas Jedward messages it will be a different tree all sorts of decora…

10:56pm Dec 14 2020 —

Jedward Jedmas Vibes

10:51pm Dec 14 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: To anybody we offended this year:

You deserved it! Be a better version of yourself for 2021! Loads of love Jedward


5:38pm Dec 14 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Meryl Streep in @Promnetflix deserves better than starring alongside @JKCorden who is offensively playing every gay ster…

11:05pm Dec 13 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: How it started Vs. How it’s going

3:34pm Dec 11 2020 —

Loved doing this @justinbieber and @ShawnMendes monster Live acoustic Guitar cover 😊✌🏻#JustinBieber #ShawnMendes

6:37pm Dec 6 2020 —

6:26pm Dec 6 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: The whole country needs to Stop Traveller Oppression! They deserve equal rights and opportunities! They are the life and…

12:51pm Dec 6 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Employers need to employ on the basis of people’s capabilities to work and do the job! Doing background checks and being…

12:51pm Dec 6 2020 —

8:59pm Dec 5 2020 —