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RT @EVOKE: Absolute heroes @planetjedward share an incredible pic that celebrates body positivity and self-love!…

5:28pm Apr 28 2021 —

RT @ExtraIRL: ‘Embrace your body’ — Jedward strip off as they encourage self-love…

6:39am Apr 28 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: ❤️ Embrace Your Body 💙

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RT @EVOKE: Jedward hint new music is on the way with teaser clip…

2:36pm Apr 26 2021 —

RT @goss_ie: .@planetjedward tease fans with preview of new song ahead of upcoming album

11:52am Apr 26 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: TREAT ME LIKE A HUMAN!
Fuck the Haters🖕🏼

5:24pm Apr 25 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: It’s Jedward Beach

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RT @planetjedward: Derek Chauvin found guilty on all charges for the death of George Floyd! Justice ❤️

10:58pm Apr 20 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: Hi I’m Edward from Jedward ❤️

3:03pm Apr 17 2021 —

RT @JepicHQ: Jedward Signed CDs restock! Available now…

9:15pm Apr 16 2021 —

Jedward Signed CDs restock! Available now…

3:12pm Apr 16 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: Jedward 2008 before Jedward and selfies were a thing!

10:11pm Apr 15 2021 —

RT @IrishSunOnline: Jedward pay tribute to late mum on her birthday saying ‘wish we could hug you’…

7:59pm Apr 12 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: Happy Birthday Mammy wish we could hug you now and tell you how much we love you ❤️

2:56pm Apr 12 2021 —

RT @goss_ie: .@planetjedward pay tribute to their late mother Susanna on her birthday

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6:24pm Apr 11 2021 —

RT @BAFTA: @planetjedward Oh you two 😘 #EEBAFTAs

6:22pm Apr 11 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: The #BAFTAs for Best Drama goes to Jedward!

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RT @planetjedward: Anorexia is a very serious issue and lives are being lost every day. Please check in with your loved ones and get the he…

5:26pm Apr 10 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: Rip Nikki Grahame as fellow Big brother contestants we’ve gone through the same experience and having met you on tv show…

5:26pm Apr 10 2021 —

Rescheduled tour dates will be announced soon. All tickets and Meet and greets are still valid.

Meet and Greets a…

4:31pm Apr 10 2021 —

This photo surrounded with our life and soul ❤️ Healing and Strength to all

10:44pm Apr 9 2021 —

As a family we all share a bond! We’ve all developed our identities and life choices! Please respect those that sup…

10:30pm Apr 9 2021 —

We all have lost loved ones over the years and we’ve all supported each other in unity and respect please continue…

10:19pm Apr 9 2021 —

Over the years Self harm is very prevalent in the amount of people we have met and we know how vulnerable anyone ca…

10:03pm Apr 9 2021 —

Some of our fans aren’t with us today god rest their souls! We are honoured to have known them and shine a light an…

9:58pm Apr 9 2021 —

Over the years we’ve been an escape for everyone from the bullying and non acceptance they have suffered in society…

9:49pm Apr 9 2021 —