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RT @JepicHQ: Chilling with Bae had a Late Night but you know how it is on Puppy Patrol as always Dreaming of a more Jepic World x https://t…

9:41am May 30 2019 —

Chilling with Bae had a Late Night but you know how it is on Puppy Patrol as always Dreaming of a more Jepic World x

7:07pm May 29 2019 —

3:06pm May 29 2019 —

22 new songs from our new album Voice a Rebel to perform its so exciting

6:44pm May 21 2019 —

Different city each weekend?

in reply to JepicHQ — 6:37pm May 21 2019 —

So weekend days Friday Saturday Sunday?!

in reply to JepicHQ — 6:31pm May 21 2019 —

Who wants more concerts?
When is good for everyone

6:29pm May 21 2019 —

RT @planetjedward: It’s time for #Eurovision Think we need to rock It again 🙌🏼

7:17pm May 18 2019 —

We did it 🙌🏼

12:14pm May 17 2019 —


12:25am May 17 2019 —

Glasgow what songs do you wanna hear? Gonna make a cool setlist for tonight 🙌🏼

9:42am May 15 2019 —

Hot showers loads of steam stretches vocal warm ups
Conceal some spots boom we are concert ready

9:27am May 15 2019 —

Coming on stage ASAP

7:01pm May 14 2019 —

Also gonna make sure we find nice jeans that the zips will stay up!

in reply to JepicHQ — 11:42am May 14 2019 —

Gonna wear this black sequin T-shirt under both and if we get too sweaty take off the jackets and still got some bl…

in reply to JepicHQ — 11:41am May 14 2019 —

Ok loads of you are loving the silver so gonna wear for photos and then red on stage with a black sequin T-shirt

in reply to JepicHQ — 11:36am May 14 2019 —

Red Sequin Blazer or Silver Over size jacket

10:48am May 14 2019 —

Flat hair? Eddie Bieber

9:57am May 14 2019 —

Still awake so full of energy from all of you 😆 need to zzzZ 😴

2:56am May 11 2019 —

We all Rocking it 😏🙌🏼 ❤️
Sweet dreams nighty night

12:25am May 11 2019 —

black and gold jackets with detail and shine

12:57pm May 10 2019 —

See you all at 4:00 Meet and greet Manchester
You guys will have access to the venue tonight 1st when doors open

12:56pm May 10 2019 —

What hair is everyone feeling for tomorrow? let us know

8:13pm May 9 2019 —

Already in our UK secret location can’t wait to rock the concert tomorrow see you there!

8:07pm May 9 2019 —

We are super excited about you all being the 1st to listen to them!! Can’t wait to share these moments with all of you ❤️

3:01pm May 8 2019 —

Can everyone coming to concerts please don’t upload video/audio recordings online of new songs as they are unreleas…

2:57pm May 8 2019 —

RT @planetjedward: They say everyone needs a hero
and that’s what you are to me
You make a better tomorrow
and a brighter day
I know tha…

6:45pm May 7 2019 —

You know you’re twins when face ID Recognises both of you 🙌🏼

12:22pm May 7 2019 —

RT @planetjedward: Respect your dreams
Go live your life
Don’t write yourself off
Put up a fight
Protect your heart
from those who ha…

9:36pm May 6 2019 —

Teenage Runway is about trusting your own instinct & taking your own unique path to get away from what people press…

1:39pm May 5 2019 —