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New post on Instagram JEPICPICS make sure to put on notifications 🙌🏻

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Night night with a soft touch of kiss to take you away into the night on an endless trip of emotions to make you fe…

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❤️ We Love Our Fans ❤️

9:33am Mar 26 2018 —

@MyTeaThyme You Deffo need a face in your profile I could be talking to a squirrel for all I know

in reply to MyTeaThyme — 9:25am Mar 26 2018 —

@jessijosefine OMG my fucked up knee and your fucked up knee should make a baby

in reply to jessijosefine — 9:24am Mar 26 2018 —

@3AngePower3 Love the hippy Rudolph and wow your blue hair is so waterline 2012 era

in reply to 3AngePower3 — 9:23am Mar 26 2018 —

@Sandra_Hinz What are u talking u never used to be shy( OMG is this girl ever gonna speak) you are always the life…

in reply to Sandy_bjj — 9:22am Mar 26 2018 —

@tararusselI Tara your hairs super long!! Wrap me up in it and take me for a walk

9:21am Mar 26 2018 —

@planetmw0nglife OMFG sending u kisses and hugs awwwwww u look like a girl band

in reply to planetmw0nglife — 9:20am Mar 26 2018 —

@Jedmonkey Never late to the party!! We are all just tipsy on life

in reply to Jedmonkey — 9:19am Mar 26 2018 —

@ClaireSkellyy Looks like a dress but it’s trousers wow mind blown

in reply to ClaireSkellyy — 9:19am Mar 26 2018 —

@AshlieBurns So have u recovered from your bday! OMG loved your reaction remake picture of me in bed was hilarious

in reply to AshlieBurns — 9:19am Mar 26 2018 —

@xLizRoseEvex OMG u can be our translator and we can all go Japan! U kawaii girl

9:18am Mar 26 2018 —

@78tinkaboo Denise wow they sound like the best lyrics ever! Aren’t they by one of the greats like legends?! Who is it again?

in reply to JepicDee — 9:17am Mar 26 2018 —

@xAKTx You just need that white jacket and your life would be so much better

in reply to xAKTx — 9:16am Mar 26 2018 —

@jed_emily_age_6 OMG have u already got your Easter eggs love u guys

in reply to jed_emily_age_6 — 9:16am Mar 26 2018 —

@Katyaax Katya you might aswell make up for all that lost time on all those flights with us

in reply to katyasofiaa — 9:15am Mar 26 2018 —

@ClaireeMiller Huge Clear out …discovers a new toilet and loads of change

in reply to ClaireeMiller — 9:14am Mar 26 2018 —

@lcyhdsn Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy hi 👋🏼

in reply to lcyhdsn — 9:13am Mar 26 2018 —

@JEDWARDEUROPEDK Sounds good pick me up next time you see me! I can be your weights lift me up baby

in reply to xsandra92x — 9:13am Mar 26 2018 —

@wendyjedward Wendy we can’t hang without security cuz like don’t think u can contain your self you crazy fangirl

in reply to WendyJ1990 — 9:12am Mar 26 2018 —

@skyward_ We where hanging with that Jamie wasn’t expecting that

in reply to skyward_ — 9:11am Mar 26 2018 —

@Jessi_hiccup Ohhhhhhhhhh looks like a Kodak advert

in reply to Jessi_hiccup — 9:10am Mar 26 2018 —

@parera_perez OMG thanks girl!! You have a lot of videos to watch JedwardTV and Jedwardvevo what are your faves

in reply to parera_perez — 9:10am Mar 26 2018 —

@livingxhell My wisdom tooth is kind of coming up

in reply to livingxhell — 9:09am Mar 26 2018 —

@sophielavsyouu Looks like a gaffer

in reply to sophielavsyouu — 9:08am Mar 26 2018 —

@RedJed7 Di in the shower now that’s a vision for the world 🙏🏼 steamy

in reply to RedJed7 — 9:08am Mar 26 2018 —

@annabaldwin125 The correct language is MY birthday not Me Birthday don’t know where u heard such bad grammar? (Oh shit it was me? 🙃)

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