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RT @planetjedward: Happy Jedmas 2021

10:43pm Dec 24 2021 —

Eveyone who is home caring for a loved one who is incapable of doing basic human things youโ€™re heroes ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

10:24pm Dec 13 2021 —

Everytime she would see blaze it was like getting a new puppy everytime the amount of joy

10:17pm Dec 13 2021 —

Our Granny always knew us but our younger cousins she had great difficulties remembering different family members!

10:16pm Dec 13 2021 —

Both our Grannies had dementia god rest their souls!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ one never accepted our grandad died so she had to relive it many times.

10:14pm Dec 13 2021 —

RT @goss_ie: .@planetjedward fans are convinced they’re set to drop a Christmas track with @edsheeran https://t.coโ€ฆ

7:24pm Dec 8 2021 —

RT @DailyMailCeleb: Ed Sheeran meets with unlikely pals Jedward for a fun game of football in Los Angeles

3:17am Dec 8 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: Jedsheeran Reunited @edsheeran Christmas 2021 vibes

5:08pm Dec 6 2021 —