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RT @planetjedward: Can you tell the difference?

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RT @planetjedward: We’re Always gonna be Luminous
Sending Hugs and Love to all our fans around the world

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RT @planetjedward: Capture all the Memories with your loved ones and you can always hold onto them and when you look back you will smile wi…

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RT @planetjedward: Happy Jedmas ❤️

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This is some viral content 🙌🏼 by yours truly @planetjedward

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RT @planetjedward: J to the E to the D to the WARD

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Let us know when u get your CDs Santa is going around on his Jedmas Sleigh 🛷

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RT @irishcharts: We’ve revealed the decade’s Top 10 fastest-selling albums, including two entries for @planetjedward…

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RT @planetjedward: Let’s pray young hearts will survive because this world can get dark at times! Leave the hate and hurt behind do the bes…

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RT @planetjedward: If you have ever been bullied or made feel like you weren’t good enough just know you’re a survivor because you are the…

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RT @planetjedward: What’s your favourite Jedward songs from our 4 albums?
Our New Album this year has 22 new songs we created 🙌🏼


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RT @planetjedward: I’m gonna tell my kids this is Jedward
John Edward

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